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Identifying your Septic Tank Problem

Posted on June 29, 2012 by Comments are off

Today’s blog post spreads some light on how to identify what is wrong with your septic tank. If you are having difficulties with your Septic Tank, the decision tree below helps find the issue with your septic tank, and mentions possible solutions.

Flow chart to help identify Septic Tank problems

Troubleshooting problems with the on-site wastewater treatment system

Problems with septic tanks are generally noticed when toilets and other household utilities stop functioning properly or if the septic tank begins to overflow. The first thing to check when this happens is if the pipes leading to the septic tank are blocked. If the water levels in the septic tank are normal, then there is a blocked or collapsed pipe somewhere. If this is not the case there is either something wrong with the septic tank or the percolation system. Listed below are some common problems and some solutions, it is recommended that where a complicated problem is encountered the homeowner consult with a competent person/company.

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Site Assessors in Ireland

Posted on June 27, 2012 by Comments are off

Home Builders: Molloy Precast will provide you with a Site Suitability Report; however, this report is based on a site characterisation report completed by a competent and qualified person i.e. a site assessor. This page provides you with a list of names and contact details county by county of site assessors.

Site Assessors: To be included in this list, free of charge, please phone John Brennan on 057 93 26000 or email

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New Septic Tank device from Molloy Precast

Posted on June 7, 2012 by Comments are off

In the coming months Molloy Precast will be bringing to market in a percolation distribution device that has the potential to solve common problems associated with septic tank percolation areas. In the presence of Phil Hogan, Minister for the Environment on his recent visit, Molloy Precast signed a licence agreement with Trinity College Dublin who have designed and patented the device.

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