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Sewage Treatment Systems


How it works

The commerical Aswaflow SBR wastewater treatment system is separated into three chambers/tanks. Raw sewage enters the first tank (primary tank) where primary treatment occurs (solid removal). Wastewater flows by gravity into the second tank (Buffer tank) this tank stores wastewater while wastewater is treated in the final, reaction tank. Treated wastewater is discharged into a polishing filter or tertiary treatment unit.

The Aswaflow sewage treatment system uses sequence batch reactor technology to treat wastewater econ to the required EPA standards in an economical manner. As the name suggests, sewage is treated in batches, not in a continuous flow. The advantage of this is that shock flows are buffered and does not force partially treated or untreated wastewater to be discharged. Another advantage of the SBR system is its ability to adjust energy consumption with high/low flows, hence, reducing electrical costs. An SBR system treats wastewater in a cycle of four phases namely fill, react, settle and discharge. The Aswaflow system repeats this cycle 3 times each day. For more information on how the SBR system works, visit our knowledge base. 

How the Aswaflow System works


Commercial Systems

Molloy Precast have extensive experience with commercial projects including schools, industrial units, nursing homes, caravan parks, restaurants, B&B's etc. We have the advantage of being able to adapt our large range of precast concrete tanks and various treatment technologies to provide a solution for all types of wastewater. For more information and for a detailed design and quotation for your unique project please contact our design team at Molloy Precast.

Aswaflow® 2H+
 Aswaflow 2H+ 7000 litre Volume: 7000 litres
Population Equivalent: 4-12 P.E.
Drawing no.: WWT-2H+-12PE
  • Suitable for sites with limited access – separate chambers do not require crane
  • Simple installation, no concrete back fill required
  • Example application: Small office/workshop
Aswaflow® 2S+
 Aswaflow 2S+ 14000 litre Volume: 14000 litres
Population Equivalent: 4-16 P.E.
Drawing no.: WWT-2S+-16PE
  • Suitable for wet sites and deep installations
  • Simple installation, no concrete back fill required
  • Example application: Medium office/factory
Aswaflow® 3S+
 Aswaflow 3S+ 21000 litre Volume: 21000 litres
Population Equivalent: 8-30 P.E.
Drawing no.: WWT-3S+-30PE
  • Capable of treating shock loads
  • Simple installation, no concrete back fill required
  • Example application: Visitor Centre
Aswaflow® 3C
 Aswaflow 3C 30000 litre Volume: 24000 litres
Population Equivalent: 10-50 P.E.
Drawing no.: WWT-3C-50PE
  • High peak flow capacity
  • Simple installation, no concrete back fill required
  • Example application: Golf Club/School
Aswaflow® 3D
 Aswaflow 3D 45000 litre Volume: 45000 litres
Population Equivalent: 20-100 P.E.
Drawing no.: WWT-3D-100PE
  • Suitable for combined sewage and industrial wastewater
  • Example application: Factory
Aswaflow® 6D
 Aswaflow 6D 90000 litre Volume: 90000 litres
Population Equivalent: 20-200 P.E.
Drawing no.: WWT-6D-200PE
  • Efficiency maintained at low flow rates due to dual stream design
  • Example application: Small housing scheme

For larger wastewater treatment systems, please see municipal scale page. If you are looking for smaller scale, please see domestic sewage systems.

Featured Projects

  • Schools
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Annacurragh N.S., Wicklow, 30 P.E., 277m2 pressurised percolation
  • Ballinamere N.S., Offaly, 120P.E., trench percolation
  • Ballyoughter N.S., Wexford, 16P.E., sand filter
  • Corville N.S., Tipperary,
    100P.E,. 575m2 pressurised percolation
  • Durrow N.S. Offaly, 30P.E., trench percolation
  • Emo N.S, Laois, 100P.E., 450m2 pressurised percolation
  • The Heath N.S. Laois, 75P.E., 575m2 pressurised percolation
  • Lackagh N.S., Galway, 50P.E., 210m2 sand filter
  • Moyne N.S. Cavan, 50P.E.
  • Rahan N.S. Offaly, 60P.E., trench percolation
  • Rhode N.S. Offaly, 60P.E., 365m2 pressurised percolation
  • St. Mary's N.S., Barndarrig, Wicklow, 30P.E., 375m2 pressurised percolation
  • Streamstown N.S., Westmeath 30P.E., 240m2 pressurised percolation
Installation of concrete tanks for a Wastewater sytem at a school.

See below a sample of commercial projects in Ireland with Molloy Precast Wastewater Treatment Systems.

  • Renvyle Camping Park, Galway, 60 P.E., 400m2 pressurised percolation
  • Youghal Nursing Home, Cork, 100P.E. trench ercolation
  • Millar's Inn, Roscommon, 60P.E. 500m2 percolation
  • Half-way House, Waterford, 100P.E., 456m2 pressurised percolation
  • Esker Hills Golf Club, Offaly 50P.E. Drip feed percolation
  • Clonfert Prayer Centre, Galway, 60P.E. trech
Wastewater system at a residential development.

See below a sample of industrial units in Ireland with Molloy Precast Wastewater Treatment Systems.

  • Killeshill Precast, 50P.E. 100m2 sand filter
  • Daingean Joinery, 12P.E., 24m2 sand filter
  • Sigma Aldrich, 50P.E., 160m2 pressurised percolation
  • Dunne's Joinery, 16P.E. 18m2 sand filter

  • Standish Saw Mills, 30P.E. 20m2 sand filter, reedbed
  • Panda Waste, 30 P.E., trench percolation
Industrial Wastewater system during installation.


The term polishing filter is used for a percolation system when used in conjunction with a wastewater treatment unit. A polishing Filter has two purposes, to further treat otherwise high quality wastewater and to distribute wastewater into the ground water system. Molloy Precast don't stop with just your Sewage treatment unit, we offer advice and demonstrations to our customers on best practice with polishing filter installation. We recommend a visit to our training and demonstration facility at our premises in Tullamore. Please visit our online knowledge center for more information on polishing filter installation. Molloy Precast offer to the commercial market bespoke polishing filter kits, we can also include installation and certification if desired.

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