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Building Components


Window Cills

Molloy Precast manufacture and supply a range of cill sizes in a varieity of styles, including standard, timber frame, stone work and corner cills.

Precast Concrete Window Cills
Cill Type Standard Cills PDF Drawing
2" Standard Cill
3" Standard Cill
4" Standard Cill
Cill Type Timberframe Cills PDF Drawing
2" Timberframe Cill
4" Timberframe Cill
Cill Type Stonework Cills PDF Drawing
4" Stonework Cill
Cill Type Corner Cills PDF Drawing
3" Corner Cill


Pre-stressed, precast concrete lintels in 4”, 6”, and 9” widths are available in any required length.

Precast Concrete Lintels
Lintel Type   PDF Drawing
4" Lintel
6" Lintel
9" Lintel

Chimney Products

Chimney caps are available for both single and double breast chimneys, as well as precast flue starters.

Chimney Caps and Flue Starters
Type Chimney Caps PDF Drawing
28" x 28" Chimney Cap

28" x 50" Chimney Cap

  Flue Starters  
Flue Starter

Wall & Pier Capping

Standard and raised style wallcaps are manufactured in standard sizes of 7”, 9” and 12” wide. There are also four accompanying piercap styles to chose from which can either be a finish in themselves, or provide a base for decorative statues etc.

Precast Concrete Wall & Pier Capping
Wallcap Type   PDF Drawing
7" Wallcap

9" Wallcaps

12" Wallcaps

  Pier Caps  
22" Piercaps


Garden, driveway and roadside kerbs have an attractive, smooth finish while decorative garden edges give a more unique design to your garden. Drainage kerbs and surface drainers provide an inconspicuous drainage system.

Precast Concrete Kerbs
Kerb Type Driveway and Roadside Kerbs PDF Drawing
5" x 3" Driveway Kerb

7" x 4" Driveway Kerb

9" x 5" Driveway Kerb

  Drainage Kerbs  
Drainage Kerb

6" x 3" Surface Drainer

8" x 4" Surface Drainer

6" x 2" Garden Edging Plain and decorative graden edging. No image available. No drawing available.