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PFBR Wastewater Treatment Plants

The "Pumped Flow Biofilm Reactor" (PFBR) technology is a novel method of wastewater treatment. It is capable of achieving high standards of wastewater treatment without additional equipment or treatment processes. The plant is extremely robust and requires minimal operational monitoring.

The technology is licensed to Molloy Environmental Systems by the National University of Ireland, Galway (NUI Galway). A team of researchers at NUI Galway patented the technology after an extensive period of research.

Insitu Installations

Size: 300 PE to 5000 PE
Typical Applications: Small Towns, Villages, Industry.

Precast Installations

Size: 100 PE to 300 PE
Typical Applications: Villages, Industry.

Plug and Play Installations

Size: 120 PE to 5000 PE
Typical Applications: Villages, Industry.

PFBR Technical Description

The novel aspect of the technology is its method of aeration. The system eliminates the need for large mechnical equipment and instead uses a means of passive aeration. This is achieved using a system of two reactors. At any one time the volume of liquid in the system equals the volume of one reactor tank. To achieve aeration the liquid volume alternately moves from one reactor to the other thereby exposing the biofilm [attached growth media] in each of the two reactors to atmospheric air, thereby eliminating the need for forced aeration. Liquid transfer is achieved using standard off-the shelf pumps and an equalisation valve. For advanced treatment anoxic/anaberobic conditions are achieved by keeping the biofilm immersed for the required period. This encourages endogenous respiration with the result that little or no secondary sludge is produced.

The PFBR system is batch operated, therefore an upstream balancing tank is required in addition to an upstream primary tank. The effluent quality produced from the PFBR system has sufficiently low suspended solid concentrations to eliminate the need for a clarifier; however a final clarifier is needed where phosphorus removal is required.

Featured PFBR Project

Moneygall 750 PE WWTP

Moneygall WWTP was the first commercial applicaiton of the PFBR technology. This facility was designed and constructed by Molloy Environmental Systems in conjunction with NUI Galway, Offaly County Council and Enterprise Ireland.

The system has the following features:

  • 750 Population Equivalent
  • 2 Stream PFBR design
  • Insitu built concrete construction
  • Final clarification for future Phosphorus remova

Plug and Play PFBR units

In a move to service an overseas market, Molloy Environemental Systems have developed a Plug and Play wastewater treatment system with PFBR technology. These systems are manufactured to suit shipping container dimensions, ensuring that they can be exported to anywhere accross the globe. Once on a site, assuming basic civil works are complete, the units have plug and play capabilities. Once the pipework and electrics are completed, the systme can be simply turned on. Thse units have the following benefits:

  • All the advantages of the PFBR technology
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Modular, thus extra units can be installed as required
  • Transportable to almost anywhere in Ireland and the world
  • Can be used as a temporary measure if required
  • Easy maintenance due to All-in control roo

All in Control Room

The Control Room for these systems have all major circulation pumps, actuated valves and electrical equipment housed within. This insures that all maintenance work can be carried out in a dry and safe environment.

Sample Sizes

These units can be constructed in a variety of sizes to suit the needs of the project. Listed below are some example sizes where nitrification and denitrification are required. Where a lesser quality of effluent is required each unit can treat a larger quantity of wastewater.

Shannonbridge 500 PE WWTW

The first application of this technology is a 500 PE equivalent [225litres/person/day] wastewater treatment plant at Shannonbridge, Co. Offaly. The use of the Plug and Play unit suited this site due to the high risk of flooding. The existing Imhoff tank was utilised as a primary settlement tank, precast concrete tanks were installed for balancing and a concrete base was constructed for the Plug and Play PFBR unit. A precast concrete screen chamber was installed for preliminary screening.

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