Our Capabilities

Process Design

Managing process design to deliver a project that’s efficient, cost-effective and compliant.

Site Investigations

Site suitability reports

On-Site Analysis

Lab testing

Process Calcs and Sizing

Wastewater Treatment

Our expertise includes innovative engineering solutions to meet your project needs.

Bespoke or modular

Teritary treatment

Screening, Aeration, Settlement and Filtration

Storage Tanks

Chemical Dosing Systems

Pumping Stations

Pumping station design, manufacture and install, operation and maintenance.

Pump sumps & holding tanks

Valve and Meter chambers

Pressure vessels

Design calculations

Control kiosks and electrical panels

Lean Manufacturing

Embracing modern techniques to provide off-site construction that increase efficiency and reduce waste.

Off-site construction

Modern methods of construction

Minimum waste

Short lead times

Steel Fabrication

We specialize various types of steel and pipework, providing quality and customisation

Ductile Iron

Stainless Steel

Rebar Department

uPVC Pipework

Custom Fittings

Precast concrete

Most comprehensive range of precast tanks in Ireland and UK.

Storage, holding, primary, buffer, and reaction tanks

Reinforced precast tanks

Custom coring for different pipe sizes and invert levels

Boxed out concrete cores

Pump specialists

Specializing in pumps, from submersibles to control software.

Submersible Pumps

Macerator Pumps

Pump guiderails and accessories

Pump control software

Digital project delivery

Providing cutting-edge digital solutions for construction and engineering.

BIM and 3D Modelling

Paperless field dispatch

Data science

Intelligent control

Bespoke software services

M&E design and installation

Complete solutions for M&E design and installation.

Material Specifications

Value Engineering

M&E Offsite Fabrication

M&E Installation

M&E Retrofit

Asset Tagging

O&M Manuals

Operation and Maintenance

Ensuring the continued performance and maintenance of essential infrastructure.

Servicing and Maintenance

Responsive service

System upgrades

Pumps and parts

Remote monitoring

Inst., Control & Automation

Precise instrumentation, control methods, and automation, ensuring optimal performance.

Automation Assessments

Electrical / ICA Design

Pumping Station Motor Control Centres



Comprehensive control and automation services, from assessments to integration.

Telemetry Assessments

Outstation Design

Radio Licence Checks

GSM Review

SCADA and Telemetry Assessment & Upgrades