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Concrete Tanks

Precast Concrete Tanks

Molloy Environmental Systems manufacture the most comprehensive range of precast concrete tanks in the country. The tanks have been optimised for use in our own pumping station and wastewater treatment system installations, however they can also be used for other applications including: fire-fighting tanks, rainwater tanks, and water storage tanks.

  • Range of lid sizes and steel manhole covers available
  • Tanks can be drilled according to specific customer requirements
  • Tanks can be combined to provide you with an accurately sized system
  • S Tanks certified for use as septic tanks

Our range includes the largest two-piece precast concrete tank in Ireland with a capacity at 38,000 litres; a two piece 25,000 litre tank; a single piece 18,000 litre tank; a pump sump mould with an adjustable depth to 3m, 4m, 5m and 6m. We have also developed a purpose built benching piece for pump sumps to suit Irish Water specification pump stations. Set out below are some tank types which we offer.

Molloy Precast J Tank
Capacity: 850 litres
Drawing number: PT-J-01-231118
Molloy Precast H1.2 Tank
Capacity: 1,200 litres
Drawing number: PT-H1.2-01-211118
Molloy Precast H Tank
Capacity: 2,500 litres
Drawing number: PT-H-01-221118
Molloy Precast H+ Tank
Capacity: 3,500 litres
Drawing number: PT-H+-01-211118
Molloy Precast N Tank
Capacity: 2,200 litres
Drawing number: PT-N-01-231118
Molloy Precast S Tank
Capacity: 6,000 litres
Drawing number: PT-S-01-201118
Molloy Precast SW Tank (S with wall)
Capacity: 6,000 litres
Drawing number: PT-SW-01-201118
Molloy Precast S+ Tank
Capacity: 7,000 litres
Drawing number: PT-S+-01-201118
Molloy Precast S+W Tank (S+ with wall)
Capacity: 7,000 litres
Drawing number: PT-S+W-01-201118
Molloy Precast L Tank
Capacity: 10,000 litres
Drawing number: PT-L-01-211118
Molloy Precast LW Tank (L with wall)
Capacity: 10,000 litres
Drawing number: PT-LW-01-201118
Molloy Precast C Tank
Capacity: 8,000 litres
Drawing number: PT-C-01-201118
Molloy Precast D Tank
Capacity: 15,000 litres
Drawing number: PT-D-01-211118
Molloy Precast O Tank
Capacity: 18,000 litres
Drawing number: PT-O-01-081119
Molloy Precast Q Tank
Capacity: 25,000 litres
Drawing number: PT-Q-01-081119
Molloy Precast R Tank
Capacity: 38,000 litres
Drawing number: PT-R-01-081119
Molloy Precast P3 Tank
Capacity: 8,500 litres
Drawing number: PT-P3-01-081119
Molloy Precast P4 Tank
Capacity: 11,300 litres
Drawing number: PT-P4-01-081119
Molloy Precast P5 Tank
Capacity: 14,170 litres
Drawing number: PT-P5-01-081119
Molloy Precast P6 Tank
Capacity: 17,000 litres
Drawing number: PT-P6-01-081119