New Septic Tank device from Molloy Precast

Molloy Precast

Molloy Precast will be bringing to market a percolation distribution device that has the potential to solve common problems associated with septic tank percolation areas. In the presence of Phil Hogan, Minister for the Environment on his recent visit, Molloy Precast signed a licence agreement with Trinity College Dublin who have designed and patented the device.

Typically in rural domestic houses, sewage is treated on site by a septic tank. Sewage then flows by gravity into a percolation area where it is further treated to a quality suitable for discharge. A TCD research team headed by Dr. Laurence Gill, has shown that the current means of gravity discharge to percolation areas fail to work consistently under sporadic and very low flows typical of septic tank effluent. In the percolation area, it is crucial that effluent is distributed evenly between the trenches to ensure effective treatment. A device to ensure an effective distribution between each trench, and along each trench without any electrical input has been designed and patented by this TCD research team.

Molloy Precast are working to commercialise this device and will bring it to market in the near future. Commenting on this new innovation, Donal Molloy of Molloy Precast said “We are delighted to be linked with Trinity College Dublin and Enterprise Ireland in bringing this device to market, once available in Ireland, we believe this product will have export potential.”