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Molloy M&E workshop using solar to harness the sun's power

Molloy Environmental Systems

We’ve added additional Solar PV Panels to the south-facing roof of our Mechanical, Electrical, and Steel Fabrication Warehouse at our premises in Tullamore. This is to increase our renewable energy output and further reduce our emissions.

Molloy PV Solar Panel Install

🌱 Why It Matters In addition to building energy-efficient and sustainable Wastewater Treatment Plants, and Pumping Stations for our valued customers throughout Ireland and the UK, a key part of our strategy is our commitment to leading the way to a more sustainable future though modern and low-carbon manufacturing and construction methods.

This installation of additional PV solar panels at our workshop, along with numerous other initiatives as part of our wastewater product design, manufacture, site installations and maintenance operations, bring us closer to fulfilling our sustainability goals and emission reduction targets for 2023.

🔋 Clean Energy These PV panels feature state of the art technology, which ensure optimal energy conversion, and max power generation. This will make another significant contribution to our energy self-sufficiency and reduce our carbon footprint.

👥 Thank You We greatly value the support from our customers, supply chain, and community stakeholders as we make these pivotal changes on our journey towards net zero.

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