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Sustainability and Climate Action award nomination

Molloy Environmental Systems


We are honoured to be nominated for the ‘Excellence in Sustainability and Climate Action’ award at the 2023 Tullamore & District Chamber of Commerce business awards. This is due to the massive contributions of our team, supply chain, partners and customers in each part of our business and on sites throughout the country. Our multi-faceted approach includes:

• Strategic Goals: Targeting a significant reduction in Scope 1, 2 and 3 greenhouse gas emissions on our path towards net zero. We are certified to ISO 14001 Environmental Management System for many years along with our ISO 45001 and ISO9001 for Health, Safety and Quality. We are currently planning and working towards the ISO 50001 Energy accreditation.

• Clean Energy: We’ve transitioned to eco-friendly HVO fuels in recent years for on-site and factory machinery, along with harnessing solar energy, and we have further plans for electrification.

• Efficient Wastewater Plants and Pumping Stations: Designing, manufacturing, installing and maintaining energy-efficient wastewater treatment plants and foul water pumping stations , supported by nature-based and biological treatment methods. Our SBR wastewater treatment system we manufacture uses significantly lower energy (kWh/d) in comparison to other SBR systems (independent testing for EN certification by PIA in Aachen, Germany 2020).

• Sustainable Materials: Using GGBS in 100% of our concrete mixes to result in low carbon concrete and also replacing or supplementing steel reinforcement with alternative fibre particles.

• Digital & Operational Optimisation: Developing custom-built software for KPI tracking and emissions inventories, aligned with ISO 14064. This will help us further streamline operations and minimise emissions.

• Environmental Stewardship: Monitoring air and noise quality, and practising rainwater harvesting and responsible water stewardship.

• Stakeholder Engagement: We are currently partnering as the societal support champion on projects like ‘Biofiltration methods for methane reduction in wastewater water treatment plants’, in collaboration with leading researchers in the Trinity College Dublin engineering school supported by Science Foundation Ireland. Separate to this we work with other companies on a similar journey via the atim cluster. Previously we have brought to market a novel low energy wastewater treatment technology the ‘Pumped Flow Biofilm Reactor’ in collaboration with University of Galway, and Enterprise Ireland.

• Biodiversity: Partnering on projects that incorporate wetlands and willow plantations, providing valuable habitats for a diverse range of wildlife, and promoting biodiversity enhancement techniques at our premises and on our sites.

Best wishes to our fellow nominees who together we work with on our shared sustainability and climate action journey— Glenisk, Energy Superstore, Bord na Móna and KMK Metals Recycling Ltd.